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Footfall data reports

Key Performance Indicators are essential if the “health” of the town is to be accurately assessed and analysed. These indicators will cover a number of issues including car parking usage, business profitability and footfall data.

On behalf of our members, Springboard, a nationally reputable company who work with the Association of Town and City Management, provide a footfall camera in Abbeygate Street and this was fitted in November 2012 and collects data regularly. On a monthly and yearly basis we can compare our performance against other towns and cities in East Anglia and the country. Each month we will post the report we receive from Springboard on this site.

Last year, our footfall camera in Abbeygate Street experienced some technical issues, resulting in the camera being relocated to another nearby building. Unfortunately, the camera was not operational until mid-July. It was then discovered, at the end of August 2023, that the data being generated by the camera couldn’t be accepted as 100% accurate, so the data company has taken further steps to recalibrate the camera, and I am confident that the data being generated since the 1st October is credible. As a consequence of this, we have not published any footfall data for March to September inclusive.