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Explore Viognier at Vino Gusto

Date 28th Feb 2024

We’ve all got a bit of a thing for Viognier at the moment. Maybe because it’s ‘Sensuous’, ‘hedonistic’ and ‘seductive’? (Just some of the ways to describe this characterful grape.!) But, boy oh boy, can it be unimaginably good – so much so we have 10 versions of it in the VG shop.

Viognier lovers adore the versatile, full-bodied, floral and ripe-fruited characteristics that makes these wines so distinctive and so do we! But viognier isn’t all style over substance: good examples will have real complexity underpinning the flamboyance. Expect perfumed notes of peaches, apricots and apple blossom and noticeable alcohol.

Let’s dive right in to some bottles of ‘Vee-on-ee-yay’ and find out what’s really going on with this grape…

Wednesday 28th February 2024
7pm – 9:30pm

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