Explore English Wine

Date 31st Jul 2024
Date Vino Gusto, Vino Gusto, Hatter Street, Bury Saint Edmunds, UK

Join us for a vinous adventure, exploring the very best of English wine!

Our tour guide for the evening is our very own English Wine enthusiast – Evelyn our shop manager. Many will be familiar with Ev already, either at the Shop or through her time working at Wyken Vineyards, a 30 year old English vineyard about 10 miles away from Bury St Edmunds. Ev has years of experience within the wine industry and knows her stuff when it comes to viticulture (she blames her farmer Father for that!). But Ev truly fell in love with wine through her time working, tasting and exploring England’s finest vineyards. You won’t want to miss her stories tonight!

Raising our glasses to the past, present and future of English wine, lets dive into a few British belter bottles while we chat terroir, soils and climate challenges. We’ll be treating you to the proper posh stuff too, we’re talking Danbury Ridge and Gusbourne here (Who needs Burgundy!?) and seriously, they’re bloody good!

So join us for an evening celebrating English Wine through a very special tasting, embarking on a journey through the rich history and promising future of English wine. There’s a limited amount of tickets so grab em’ quick.

This will be fun and educational. Suitable for all levels of drinking experience. There will be a few nibbles to enjoy along side the wines – we promise a good time and great wine.

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