FREE Training for Our Bury St Edmunds BID Members

One of the benefits we provide our BID members is free training courses. We created a training programme based upon requests and feedback from our members, which led to first aid and fire marshal training becoming the signature co0fgvurses. We also provide a variety of other courses, and we will, where possible, meet any training requirement that our members request.

Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Qualsafe Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work.
  • A one-day (9-5pm) course delivered by Latitude Training in partnership with and at West Suffolk College.
  • Maximum of twelve people per course (this is a legal limit set for first aid accreditation bodies).
  • Lunch and parking provided.
  • Mixture of theory and practical including introduction to defibrillators.
  • The course involves a multiple-choice written exam.
  • On successful completion of the course and exam a certificate valid for three years is awarded.
  • This course is ideal for organisations who require personnel with some knowledge of First Aid, either because they work in small groups outside company premises, or as a back up for qualified First Aiders within the company.

Course Availability 2024:

Monday 13th May

Monday 24th June

Monday 9th September

Monday 14th October

 Fire Marshal/Warden
  • A three-hour (9.30-12.30) course provided by Anglia Fire Assessments (Specialist Fire Consultants and Training Services).
  • The course is delivered at the Bury St Edmunds and Farmers Club in the town centre.
  • There is a mixture of theory and practical (outside) demonstrations.
  • A maximum of fourteen people per course.
  • Light refreshments are provided.
  • There is parking at the attendee’s expense at local council car parks and on-street parking.
  • A certificate on completion of the course is provided.
  • Learning Outcomes are as follows:
    • a) Your understanding of the role of the Fire Warden in relation to workplace fire safety and emergency procedures.
    • b) An understanding of the principles of means of escape and recognising the importance of fire drills.
    • c) Knowledge of the principles of combustion and fire spread in a building.
    • d) The ability to decide what actions to take on discovering a fire
    • e) An understanding of human behaviour in relation to a fire situation.
    • f) A good understanding of the use and limitations of workplace firefighting equipment.
    • g) The ability to undertake routine fire safety management checks to assist your company in complying with legislation.
    • h) A practical first aid firefighting equipment demonstration.
    • i) Each delegate gets the opportunity to extinguish a small fire using a variety of firefighting extinguishers.

Course Availability 2024

Monday 10th June

More dates to follow.

 Food Safety
  • HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) Level 2 Award in Food Safety. • A one-day (9-5pm) course delivered by and at West Suffolk College.
  • Maximum of fourteen people per course.
  • Lunch and parking will be provided.
  • Classroom-based course.
  • The course involves a multiple-choice written exam.
  • This one-day course provides essential knowledge and understanding of good hygiene practices for anyone working within the food industry, where a degree of training is now a legal requirement.
  • This course is designed to appreciate the fundamentals of good food hygiene practice.
  • This course covers the following:
    • a) Bacteriology.
    • b) Prevention of Contamination and Food Poisoning.
    • c) Personal Hygiene.
    • d) Premises, Equipment and Pest Control.
    • e) Cleaning and Disinfection.
    • f) Legislation.

Dates to be confirmed, please email for course bookings.

Alcohol Licensing - APLH
  • APLH (Accredited Public License Holder).
  • A one-day (9-5pm) course provided by and at Greene King.
  • Lunch and parking are included.
  • Anyone authorising the sale of alcohol to the public must hold a Personal Licence
  • Issues covered in this course are as follows:
    • a) How to apply for a Personal Licence
    • b) Roles, legal responsibilities, and the penalties for failure to comply with the law
    • c) The Premises Licence.
    • d) The roles and duties of a Designated Premises Supervisor/Designated Premises Manager.
    • e) Rights of entry to Licensed Premises
    • f) Temporary Events Notices (TENs).
    • g) The content and purpose of operating schedules.
    • h) Police powers about suspension and closure of Licensed Premises.
    • i) Strengths of alcoholic drinks and effects on the human body.
    • j) The responsible retail sale of alcohol.

Course Availability:

Available on request. Email

Cellar Management
  • A one-day course provided by and at Greene King.
  • Lunch and parking included.
  • Greene King’s experienced Cellar trainers deliver this course.
  • Your tutor will demonstrate how to manage your cellar effectively and efficiently to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The objectives and Course Content are as follows:
  • a) Introduction to the perfect pint.
  • b) Cask beer and cask beer practical.
  • c) Keg beer and keg beer practical.
  • d) Gas systems.
  • e) Coolers
  • f) Cleaning, hygiene, and food safety.
  • g) Pipe cleaning practical.
  • h) Glass washing machines.
  • i) Product presentation.
  • j) Course review.
  • k) The BII ABCQ Award in Beer and Cellar Quality (cask and keg)

Exam to be taken at the end of the day.

Course Availability 2024:

Available on request. Email

 Social Media and Digital Marketing

A range of theory and practical-based training with content adjusted according to members’ requirements. Generally, includes an introduction to and latest developments for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and Google My Business.

Course Availability 2024:

Monday 20th May

Monday 2nd September

Neurodiversity Awareness

Three Eggs is a workplace training provider based in Bury St Edmunds that provides Mental Health and Wellbeing training courses to organisations and their employees.

A half day course provided by Three Eggs Training at the Bury St Edmunds & Farmers Club

This course helps everyone attending to understand a range of neurodiverse conditions including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and autism.

By understanding what each of these conditions is and learning about the experiences of someone with each condition, learners will develop a better appreciation of the challenges that can be faced by neurodivergent individuals.

Learners will also explore steps that can be taken to make interactions and environments more accommodating for those with neurodiverse conditions so that their experiences are more positive and rewarding.

BID members receive a 20% discount.

Courses Availability 2024:

Monday 17th June

Tuesday 17th September

Mental Health Awareness
A half-day course provided by Suffolk MIND or Latitude Training.
  • Light refreshments are provided.
  • An awareness course suitable for anyone covering:
    • a) Helping you gain the ability to recognise a suspected mental health condition, start a conversation, and signpost to professional help.
    • b) What is first aid for mental health?
    • c) Providing advice and starting a conversation.
    • d) Identifying mental health conditions.
    • e) Stress.
  • Upon completing the course, you will receive a Level 1 Awareness of Mental Health certificate valid for three years.

Course Availability 2024:

Dates to be confirmed, please email for course bookings.

Customer Service
Course Availability 

Available on request. Email

Three Eggs - Mental Health and Wellbeing Courses - 20% off for BID members

Three Eggs is a workplace training provider based in Bury St Edmunds that provides Mental Health and Wellbeing training courses to organisations and their employees.

Courses include:
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Neurodiversity in the workplace
Menopause in the workplace
Physical First Aid in the workplace
Safeguarding in the workplace
Professional Skills in the workplace
Dementia in the workplace
Pregnancy in the workplace

BID members receive a 20% discount. Read the course guide for more information and bookings.