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Your farm, their future and be part of the coffee revolution...

A UK independent coffee shop, Paddy & Scott’s launched their exciting new venture, the Paddy & Scott’s Kenyan Muchomba Farm project this month. Revolutionising how you buy your coffee and believed to be a world first Paddy & Scott’s ground-breaking collaboration between farm and consumer, offer you the opportunity to be part of the project: one farm, four thousand members.

They are bringing direct trade, premium hand-crafted coffee to your kitchen, harvested from your own coffee tree, grown on their Kenyan farm, with 4,000 allocated membership plots, with a registered individual coffee tree which customers can buy. It’s a unique collective of coffee enthusiasts, owning a tree on the estate and sustaining single origin traceability whilst supporting the coffee farming community.

Part of a ‘coffee revolution’, as CEO Scott Russell describes it, the aim is to redress the balance of trade. The project is in collaboration with local farmers the Muchomba family, and their community, who are paid a fair wage for their work and benefit from the companies environmental and social investment in the farm and the local school whilst helping improve the region. “The only real way to help the coffee families and the wider community is to go straight to the source and pay more for the raw product. So, we started a mission to cut out the middle men.” CEO Scott Russell.

The Farm Membership allows you to visit the farm, meet the Muchomba family, and even tend your own coffee tree…a unique ‘grow your own’ opportunity. Not only that, you will receive your own harvested coffee delivered to your door. This is top-notch coffee, rich, aromatic with a balanced bite that exudes the rich soil of the region. “Every tree is harvested by hand, wet processed and sun dried to create what we believe is one of the finest coffees in the world”- CEO Scott Russell

“There's something magical about being part of a project that's completely unique. We are excited about our coffee tree membership program, allowing customers the opportunity to experience the harvest and enjoy exclusive Paddy & Scott’s coffee delivered personally to their door from our coffee farm. With updates on production throughout the year, membership will also, most importantly, help support the Meru farming community welfare” - CEO Scott Russell Paddy & Scott’s Kenyan Muchomba Farm Members will receive their Membership Box including a farm pass card (you'll need this card to access the farm if you ever visit) tree plot number, branded reusable steel coffee container, a limited-edition Meru Farm Project Cup, and a shipment of single origin Kenyan coffee to try whilst you register your plot and agree your shipping dates for 2018.

Your membership allows you to enjoy the finest quality, handpicked, sundried single origin Kenyan coffee, harvested from your own coffee tree, perfectly roasted in the UK, and delivered to your door throughout the year.

Members will get special access to monthly subscriptions services, updates from the farm and names will be entered to win a free trip to Kenya to visit the farm. The ideal present for coffee lovers, priced at £149.00 + subscription, all Membership Boxes will be dispatched for Christmas 2017 and are available on-line. 

The groundbreaking community driven venture, has been under development for the last 12 months; with hands-on management and support from Scott.: “Our mission was to really be involved with the local community and redress the shameful way coffee framers are paid so very little for their harvest. We wanted to help George Muchomba and his family create a model farm that channeled a larger proposition of what you pay for your cup of coffee back to the farm” Scott Russell

Working with the Muchomba family, trusted advisors, a specialist farm management team, and agronomists Paddy & Scott’s soon helped shape the Kenyan Coffee Farm into a more commercial operation. Work didn’t stop there with investment supporting the development of The Meru Community Farm Project and Field Training School, in Spring of 2017, to help surrounding farms in the community benefit.

Part of the project has been the creation of a model working farm on the school grounds to teach the children modern coffee farming methods. The proceeds from the sale of this coffee will provide additional places for parents who cannot afford to send their children to school. 

The farm now boasts over 6,000 coffee trees under management (many of which may be privately owned through a revolutionary Paddy & Scott tree ownership program) producing over 5 tons of green coffee per annum.


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