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The World According To Yu Ping Lo

In the following interview, twenty two year old BLS English student Yu Ping Lo from Taiwan shares her unique outlook on life in Bury St Edmunds.

BLS: How many languages can you speak?

Yu Ping: Chinese, English, Hakka dialect and Minnan.

BLS: Tell us about your life in Taiwan

Yu Ping: I live in the south of Taiwan. Taiwan is very hot and even in winter it’s not very cold.
In Taiwan there are many murders and every day we read about them in the news, but Taiwan is also very beautiful. There are the mountains, beach and sand. In summer it rains a lot, in the winter less.

I live with my parents and grandparents in a village called Kaoshiung, and go to university.  My parents have a breakfast store, so I have to get up early at the weekends to help them.

(Here, Yu Ping tells us she thinks we are writing ‘many details’ about her because we want to put her story on an online dating website. After our reassurance that this is a human interest story, she continues...)

Yu Ping: If I meet a boy for the first time I am extremely shy, but with girls and friends I am not so much. I like chocolate, but don’t eat it too much because I’m afraid of getting fat.

(At this point, Norah from Saudi Arabia interjects that Yu Ping eats and drinks chocolate every day. Yu Ping denies it.)

Yu Ping: I don’t like it when people betray me. I feel that I’m funny. Everyone thinks that I’m very extrovert, but I’m actually shy.

BLS: Describe your experience in Bury St Edmunds

Yu Ping: So far I don’t think that I had a bad moment. Nobody robbed me, nobody killed me, so everything is fine. Today I bought ice-cream. The boys that sold me the ice cream were very kind and they gave me a very big ice-cream.

At first I didn’t like British food, but now I’m enjoying the food cooked by my host family. In England you can find cold food in the stores like pasta salad and rice, and I cannot understand that. How can people eat cold food? Also the rice in Bury is very hard, but in Taiwan it’s very, very soft and delicious and easy to chew. There is a Chinese restaurant in town, but going to eat there every day would be too expensive, and I can’t cook!

In Taiwan to open a can we use a tool, but it’s very hard. In England it’s very easy to open a can. I feel like technology in England is better.
(Here Yu Ping goes into raptures over a toothpaste pump...)
Yu Ping: In England the toothpaste is better than in Taiwan, because in Taiwan when my toothpaste is almost over I have to press and press, but the toothpaste I bought in England automatically presses the toothpaste to the top!

BLS: Anything else you’d like to add?

Yu Ping: My host family treats me very well. My agent told me that my room would have a wardrobe, bed and a table, but when I arrived there was no table. I told my host family and they bought a desk for me.

Two weeks ago we went to Cambridge on a trip and went punting. I could punt for a little time. It was very hard, but interesting!

I would recommend BLS English to my friends in Taiwan... because it’s fun!



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