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26/02/2021Road Map out of LockdownHopefully you will all have received my e mail on Monday with the pictorial explanation about the Government’s Step 4 plan. Since then there has been further clarification on certain aspects. On your behalf we will keep a close eye on developments regarding the plan and make you aware of any changes as soon as possible.

26/02/2021Pavement Licences (for attention of the Hospitality Sector)You may recall that last year as we came out of the first Lockdown the Government announced that they would be creating the concept of Pavement Licences to enable hospitality businesses to apply to place table and chairs outside of their premises, to increase their customer capacity at a time this was being limited internally due to social distancing requirements. I have contacted our MP to ascertain whether this approach will be duplicated as we come out of Lockdown3 at basically the same time as last year and when I know more I will let you know. Currently these licences are in existence until the end of September but for you to justify expenditure for new equipment I would hope that you would be reassured by these licences extending beyond just this year. If you want to know more about this then please e mail

26/02/2021Suffolk MindWe are very aware that the concerns about the mental health of people has risen considerably during the past year and you reopening your businesses and welcoming back staff and customers may, for some. increase this situation. This is a subject I only have limited knowledge of, so on your behalf we commissioned BID member, Suffolk Mind, to produce a short tailored presentation for you to all access for free, providing more information on this subject for you to view and share with your staff as you see fit. Additionally Suffolk Mind have voluntarily provided our members with access to a free half day training session on the subject of mental health and detail of how you can access this, is outlined, when you click on this link. I hope you find this resource interesting, informative and useful.

26/02/2021Media CoverageSince the Government announcement on Monday you may have noticed the interest from the media regarding what this actually means for town centres and the businesses trading on High Streets. Due to excellent relationship cultivated over a number of years by, we at the BID and particularly our PR representative, Clare Phillips, we have had considerable coverage of our town and our businesses this week. In addition to the usual excellent coverage we enjoy from the Bury Free Press, RWSFM and numerous local print publications the town and our members have been featured this week on About Anglia, Look East, Radio Suffolk twice and the BBC website did a feature on St Johns Street. Additionally our sister organisation Bury St Edmunds and Beyond have manged to get the town featured in the Evening Standard and are currently organising a number of media visits to the town for the summer. Keeping our town in the forefront of the minds of both the local community and those living within a 100 miles or so is a priority for us and of course we utilise numerous social media platforms to supplement all of the above. We are always looking to provide opportunities for our members to take part in interviews with the media, as we try to share around these exposure opportunities, so if you haven’t already made us aware that you would be very happy to be an interviewee in the future please just let me know and we will gladly add you to our media register.

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Wil joined the Board in November 2014 and was elected Vice Chairman in September 2015, and elected to Chairman in April 2020. 


Maria joined the Board in July 2016 and was elected as Vice-Chair in April 2020. 


Mark joined the Board in March 2011 having been appointed the CEO of the BID the previous month.


Tom joined the Board in May 2020.


Chloe joined the Board in September 2020.


Graeme joined the Board in August 2020. 


Neville joined the Board in April 2019. 


Andrea joined the Board in April 2010.


Ben joined the Board in May 2020.


Barry joined the Board in April 2019. 


Andrew joined the Board in May 2011 and was Chairman until January 2015. He was re-elected as Chairman in May 2019. 






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