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Trader spaces at the Motorsport East event on Sunday 25th July

We have had considerable interest from the owners of Motorsports vehicles and anticipate over 60 vehicles being displayed on Sunday week. I appreciate its only 10 days away now but we also anticipate a good turnout from the public on the day and if you would like a free pitch (gazebo, if required, provided at cost price) at the event so you can have access to the thousands of people we anticipate coming along then please contact by end of play tomorrow.


Just a gentle reminder that we will be holding our AGM for 2020/21, at the Guildhall from 6.30pm (refreshments and networking from 6pm) on Tuesday (free parking from 3!) 27th July. In order to help us to make catering arrangements, if you are intending to join us could you please let know and also if you have any dietary requirements.

Social Distancing Restrictions lifted from Monday

As I outlined in my e mail to you on Tuesday, how you manage your business , staff and customers in light of the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday is a matter for the business owner. I would reiterate my thoughts though, that in order to minimise confrontation or conflict it is a good idea to make your position on these matters clear so those entering your business are aware of your expectations and hopefully the vast majority will comply with your wishes.


Yesterday the Government issued some guidance on what is required or expected from businesses and the public from Monday. I am afraid there is a great deal of text around what businesses might want to do but fundamentally the message is; “it’s down to each business to decide what trading conditions they will implement”


Consequently I don’t feel qualified or that it would be appropriate for me to make any specific recommendations on what you require of your staff and customers. My view is that you should go with what you are comfortable with and what you think would be acceptable and welcomed by your staff and customers.


You need to then be prepared to constantly review and amend processes and practices as you see appropriate and then clearly communicate this to your customers.


If we can be of any help in spreading the information to the wider public about your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I am sorry that I am unable to be any more specific than this. For your information the full document can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Art Around Town

Thanks to those of you who decided to get involved and host some of the art that has been produced for this 3 month art trail, which is now listed on our Loyal Free app. There are over 35 businesses where this art is displayed and we will be promoting the trail, in conjunction with WSC and Rojo Art (the organisers) to make people aware of the trail and encouraging them to come into the town centre to see the art.


At the same time the “Moments” art exhibition in Moyses Hall is proving incredibly popular and both of these “events” are raising the profile of Bury as an “arty” town and another reason to visit.

Positive KPIs for the town centre

I just wanted to make you aware that the footfall figures for June are very positive with volumes being above that of June 2019. Also more good news regarding the reducing number of vacant units in the town centre with the old Laura Ashley building (The Lexicon)about to have a new tenant in place and the old Bet Fred unit at the corner of Cornhill and Woolhall Street, now being under offer.


In regards of our public facing messaging we will always being looking to emphasise the positive news about the town centre and looking to encourage more people to visit us but please be assured that we recognise that “not everything in the garden is rosy”.


In the background we are working, on your behalf, to try and address issues for you and identify the key issues that are affecting your businesses.


We will obviously be in touch next week once the Government announce what, if any, restrictions will be in place after the 19th. If there are any issues that you would like us to look into please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

BFP Business Awards

Just a reminder that this years business awards will be held on Friday 15th October in St Edmundsbury Cathedral. There are 12 separate categories and any individual or business can be nominated for up to two awards.


It goes without saying what a difficult and challenging past year it has been for so many of you and there are no doubt members of your staff or the business as a whole who are worthy of recognition.


Closing date for entries is 1st August and nominations can be made online by clicking on this link Nominate a Business or Person with Bury Business Awards 2021 ( .


Don’t sit there and allow someone else to get the recognition that maybe you, your businesses or your staff deserve!

New Retail Maps

We have just produced the latest edition of the above and they have been distributed around the town, in our map stands. if you would like me to drop off some to you just let me know. Previously a number of you have had some small table top stands and if you want some more or want to replace what you have please let my colleague know (albeit he is on leave next week) and he’ll deal with this on his return

Prime Minister's address to the Nation last evening

There was a lot to take in from the above and there was a clear indication that all the restrictions will be lifted on 19th July.


All I would say is that the “official” announcement in regards of Step 4 of the Government Route Map, is due next Monday and although there is much to consider from yesterday the actual legislative changes won’t be announced until the 12th.


My own personal view (but with no inside track to the PM!) is that part of the purpose of yesterday, was to “test the water” regarding some of the proposals and it is not certain that everything said yesterday will actually be formally announced on Monday.


We, at the BID, will be monitoring closely Government comments and leaks over the next few days but my advice to you would be to also consider the potential impact of what he said yesterday but not to implement any changes to your policies until we know exactly what will and won’t be law from the 19th.


If in the meantime you want to contact me to discuss the above, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Independents Week 4-10 July

Thank you to everyone who got in touch and is taking part in our celebrating of Independent businesses in Bury St Edmunds. If you haven’t, as yet to send in your Indies Week offers or promotions, there is still time but we’d be grateful if you could do so ASAP and send details to


Your support in promoting our independent businesses and our 11th Independents Week would be much appreciated. To enable you to get involved as much as possible you can access all of the Independents Week special infographics we have created for your use on social media (FB/Instagram/Twitter versions) and can be easily accessed via the following link:


Here’s hoping for a high profile and profitable week for all of our Independent businesses!!

Making your business Greener

I am very mindful that for many of you your short term focus is understandably on getting your business back on its feet post Lockdown restrictions being partially lifted and therefore I am reluctant to keep circulating to you details of how you can take steps, access grants, buy different projects to reduce your carbon footprint.


Having said that Making our Businesses Greener is one of our 4 priorities for the current 5 year term and therefore we don’t want to neglect this important issue. Please be assured that we have access to a great deal of information about how you can improve the environmental impact your business can have on the community and if at any time you want to know more about this subject then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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