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Celebrating Independent businesses throughout Bury St Edmunds from the 1st - 7th July 2013

Bury St Edmunds is home to a wonderful array of independent businesses including shops, cafes and restaurants and a variety of professional service companies. A recent research programme from Action for Market Towns has yet again highlighted the importance of these businesses to the town  and they are a key reason why people choose to visit the town on a regular basis.

During the first week of July we want to really  celebrate these businesses, which contribute so much to the landscape of the town centre  and encourage residents and visitors to support these important traders.

Our lovely provision market is home to many independent traders and will be present, as usual, in the Buttermarket and Cornhill on the Wednesday and Saturday of this week.

National research has statistically proven that money spent in local independent business is re-circulated into the local economy to a much greater level than is the case when purchases are made in national brands. So you can be re-assured that your purchase in an independent business will subsequently benefit other independent businesses in the Bury area.

Some offers from our independent businesses:
Auntie Pams Sweet Shop, an offer a day...

Monday - Toffee Day  from 85p 100g
Tuesday - Liqurice/Shmoo Day from 85p100g/Small 1.00 Large 1-50
Wednesday - Fudge/Nougat Day from 85p 100g
Thursday - American Day items from 95p
Friday - Choc /pocket money Day 75p 100g/from 10p
Saturday - Lollies /Rock Day from 10p
Sunday - Selected Traditional sweets Day from 85p100g

The details...
1st - 7th July 2013, Bury St Edmunds Town Centre, All week

Supporting your local independent businesses across the town

More information
Contact Jackie from Bid4Bury or call 01284 766258

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