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Old Cannon Brewery tells us what makes a great Christmas Dinner

Posted on Friday, 16th December, 2016

When you think of Christmas, you instantly think of the main event; the roast dinner. Christmas is a time of indulgence, spending time with family and giving generously. We spoke to some of the staff at the Old Cannon Brewery and asked them what made a great Christmas dinner in their house. 

Emma says her Christmas has to be hassle-free with a nice fresh turkey, roast veg and potatoes and wine. Champagne for toasting and a night-cap of Baileys. Don’t forget to get plenty of people’s favourite tipple in for your Christmas dinner, for real ale lovers we supply our beer in bag-in-boxes in 9, 18 and 36 pints. 

“Everyone needs to have fun and enough to eat at mine. I make sure I have enough veg and meat and all the trimmings too of course. In my house they always seem to get eaten and there’s nothing wrong with a Christmas turkey curry or turkey sandwiches a few days after Christmas.” Says Ellie. 

Charlie tells us her Christmas dinners are always fantastic and all the family pitch in to help cook. Her favourite part of the dinner are the appetisers her mum makes; smoked salmon with horseradish cream cheese on top of bruschetta. “They’re just what you need to fill the gap when waiting for the roast to cook and me and my brother always fight over the last one!”

Adrian and Dave, head and sous chefs at the Old Cannon, had a few tips for making the best Christmas dinner. Adrian, head chef, explains how to get the best crackling on your joint of pork: “First you have to score the skin with a sharp knife but make sure you don’t cut all the way into the meat. I like to make a cross-hatch across the top which helps the fat escape during the cooking process. It also allows the oil and salt you rub into it next to penetrate more of the skin which helps it to puff up and become crispy. Make sure you rest the joint for at least 10 minutes before carving as this helps keep the moisture inside the pork and so it will be tender and juicy when you eat it.”

Dave, sous chef, says; “what makes our Christmas dinners great is that we have plenty of it. No-one should go hungry on Christmas. You’ve got to have pigs-in-blankets and crispy roast potatoes. To get your potatoes nice and crispy on the outside and really fluffy in the middle just part boil them, drain in a colander and bash them about a bit to create extra surface area before placing in your oven and covering them with duck fat. The increased surface area on the potatoes mean they’ll crisp up nicely and stay nice and fluffy inside. 

To ensure your Christmas dinner is truly hassle (and washing-up) free, book a table at the Old Cannon Brewery for their delicious 5 course Christmas Day lunch. £80 per person, served from 12pm to 2pm. 

For more information and contact info click here.

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