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New Walking Trails!

Posted on Monday, 23rd May, 2016

Bury St Edmunds is steeped in history and there is no better way to explore this rich heritage and culture than on foot. That is why Bury St Edmunds has launched two new trails around the town to celebrate.


Magna Carta Barons Trail


Ever wondered why Bury St Edmunds’ Motto is ‘Shrine of a King, Cradle of the Law’? The reason is that the barons of the Magna Carta met with the clergy in Bury St Edmunds in 1214 to swear an oath of allegiance to each other to force King John to accept the charter


The trail celebrates this monumental day in history by installing bollards around the town, each decorated with a different baron’s shield.


The Lark & Linnet Trail


This trail is named after two 8,000-year-old chalk rivers (The Lark and The Linnet) that carved the valley in which Bury St Edmunds sits. These tributaries of the River Great Ouse have been instrumental in the development of the town through transportation, water supply and geography.


The Lark and Linnet trail features bollards offering a visual snapshot of history along the trail so that you can experience first-hand the importance of these two rivers.


To download the entry forms and to find out more, click here




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