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What would you like to see changed on Ourburystedmunds high street?

Posted on Monday, 8th September, 2014

Here in Bury St Edmunds we already have a thriving high street, with countless coffee shops, a good proportion of independent stores mixed with national shops and enough professional businesses to rival London, no one can say that there isn’t a business in Bury St Edmunds for them! But as ever we believe there is always room for improvement and we want your suggestions as to what you would like to see in the town and also what you would like Ourburystedmunds to do to improve the town further.

Get in touch, leave us a comment or even tweet us with your suggestions, no matter how big or small we want to hear from you! Whether it be a suggestion on a shop you want in the town or something you would like our businesses to do (or if you are a business owner, what you would like us to do for you) we want to know, HELP us HELP you to continually  improve Bury St Edmunds!



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