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Ourburystedmunds and Me

Posted on Friday, 8th August, 2014 by Jessica Smith

This is my first ever attempt at a blog and I’m really hoping that you’ll enjoy what I have to write because what twenty-something girl wants criticism about what she enjoys and loves most about Bury St Edmunds and what it has to offer?!

Firstly 5 things about Ouburystedmunds

  • 1)    Ourburystedmunds is Bury St Edmund’s Business Improvement District (BID). The aim of the BID is to support and help local businesses grow by not only supporting the businesses themselves but also by improving the town and its publicity
  • 2)    They’re the organisers of the ever popular annual Whitsun Fayre, Food and Drinks Festival and Christmas Lights Switch-on all held within the town centre throughout the year
  • 3)    They’re the voice of the towns businesses and will often be found lobbying issues that have been raised to them to the council and other authorities
  • 4)    Because Ourburystedmunds loves tourists (and locals obviously) coming into our town so much, not only have they made a map of the town including all of the BID businesses they have also created an app that anyone with a smart phone can download which has all the information and offers that anyone would ever need to know about Bury St Edmunds at their fingertips!
  • 5)    And finally Ourburystedmunds loves nothing more than to engage the press and market the town for the beautiful quaint town centre that we all know and love, this is not only through local and national press but also through social media and Mark Cordell the Chief Executive can often be found tweeting about the town (or Tottenham Hotspur Football Club)


5 things about me the author of the majority of the blog posts that shall follow this...


  • 1)    I’m Jessica Smith aka Smithy, Jess or Koala (I love, love, love koala’s), I am currently studying for a degree in Events Management at Sheffield Hallam University (final year is approaching at the end of summer) with aspirations to get into marketing and events at the end of my degree
  • 2)    I’m working with Ourburystedmunds as an events assistant; I worked here last summer for three weeks to gain experience in events for my portfolio of work for uni and I obviously didn’t annoy Mark and Jackie enough because they asked me to come back and work this summer for them again!
  • 3)    I am a true country girl, don’t get me wrong Sheffield has changed me and given me a slight bit of city chic (I like pretty nails, a strong distinguished eyebrow and a good pair of heels rather than just my hunter wellies!) but then I also love being in the countryside, long walks with the dogs and coming into Bury and it having everything I need without the hustle and bustle of a city
  • 4)    I like making lists, like I have an unhealthy obsession with them, you’ll often find me (if I’m not chilling in the beer garden with a nice glass of wine or sat drinking tea) writing lists of lists for things I need to do!
  • 5)    And finally I have no idea what life is really all about but I’m just out to enjoy it and see what Bury has to offer me!

Disclaimer- As much as this blog page is in aid of my work at OurBurystedmunds and the town, its businesses and anything else I find interesting about Bury, any opinions, reviews or mentions are my own personal views unless stated otherwise and you can contact me on



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