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12/12/2018Police Advice on how to protect your business from crime Protecting your business from crime is extremely important and should be part of the day to day running of any company.

12/12/2018Police Advice on Credit Card FraudThere have recently been several reports of stolen credit card details being used to purchase goods in-store. The offenders will distract staff after the amount has been entered into the card payment device and then key in the stolen card details rather than using the chip and PIN facility. If staff do not check the signature that is then requested, the offender is able to leave the premises with the fraudulently obtained goods. Please use the following advice to reduce the risk of fraud occurring.

12/12/2018BID Update - CrimeThe two previous news stories are two messages from the Police, for the information of businesses. One is about taking actions now, in order to reduce the likelihood of your business premises being burgled..

06/12/2018Come to Bury videoYou may have seen on social media over the past week that we have created a video to encourage people to visit Bury for all their pre-Christmas requirements. As you would expect we have targeted our messages to those who live within a reasonable travelling distance of Bury but however targeted this approach is there will be large numbers of people who fall into this category who we may have missed. What we would love you to be able to do is to share this link with your friends, family, staff and most importantly customers. We will do all we can, on your behalf, to spread the word about our lovely town but just think how much more we can all achieve, if you all shared this 90 second video with your customer databases and/or via your social media accounts. Thanks, in advance, of your support in promoting our town to potential customers for yourselves.

Join us!


Join us in supporting the range of fantastic independent businesses in Bury St Edmunds! We'd love it if you helped promote this week on your social channels and spread the word! Download our social images below.



Why do we celebrate Independents Week?


There’s so many reasons to shop and visit independent businesses in Bury St Edmunds. Not only do they offer unique products and provide fantastic levels of service, but for every £1 you spend with a small to medium-sized business, over 20p more stays in the local economy, compared when you shop in a larger business. 


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Social image: For every £1 spent with an independent business, around 20p more stays in the local economy than with a national retailer. Download here

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Social image: Bury St Edmunds has 15% more independent businesses than the national average. Download here

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Articles about Independents Week 

We wrote an article for Velvet Magazine about why we're celebrating Independents Week:


If you fancy some summertime retail therapy in July then you won’t want to miss a special week celebrating the wealth of independent shops and businesses in Bury St Edmunds. And as US citizens prepare to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July – here in Suffolk Our Bury St Edmunds is celebrating not just ‘Independents’ Day’ but with nearly 300 independent businesses in the town centre it’s declared the week starting July 2 ‘Independents’ Week.’


Independent shops and businesses are what make Bury St Edmunds unique. This is the eighth year that the Business Improvement District (BID) organisation Our Bury St Edmunds has organised a specific campaign to encourage more people to ‘shop local’. As well as special offers and deals to mark the week, a Town Crier will be helping the celebrations along in the Town Centre on Independents’ Day letting everyone know about the variety of independents available.


Download the full article here


We've also written a quick 3 paragraph write up for the Bury and West Suffolk Magazine which is available to download here


We have a regular column with the Bury Free Press and our most recent one was dedicated to Independents Week, which you can download here


Finally, we have written a piece for The Bury St Edmunds & District flyer, which is available to download here



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